About Us

Our Mission

At LexaScan, our mission is to enhance compliance and security in the global financial sector. We understand the critical nature of adhering to financial sanctions, especially in light of recent geopolitical developments. Our goal is to provide a reliable and accessible tool for screening against global sanctions lists, ensuring businesses and institutions operate with integrity and within legal frameworks.

Our Journey

Financial sanctions in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 were of unprecedented scale and quickly became relevant to wide a number of businesses and institutions. In light of these developments, we felt there was a need for a simple tool to screen against global sanctions lists.

LexaScan has evolved as a spin-off from a regulated cross-border payments company ArcaPay. Financial institutions have been actively using sanctions lists in their day to day activities for years, thus their internal processes are well-refined. This has enabled us to transform an internal time-tested tool into a public web-based application that benefits a much wider audience.

Our Response to Global Changes

In response to the evolving sanctions environment, we recognized the necessity for a simple, yet comprehensive tool accessible to all. Transforming our refined internal tool into a web-based application, we now offer our sanctions screening solution to the wider community. Our aim is to ensure that businesses and individuals can confidently avoid dealings with sanctioned entities or individuals, thus maintaining compliance and supporting global security efforts.

About the Tool

Comprehensive Sanctions Screening

Our web-based screening tool is designed to simplify the process of checking against major global sanctions lists. It consolidates data from key sources including OFAC (United States), the United Nations, the European Union, and HMT (United Kingdom). Updated daily, our tool ensures you have access to the most current information.

Advanced Search Technology

Leveraging "fuzzy search" logic, our tool excels in identifying not just exact matches, but also partial matches with a similarity coefficient. This feature enhances the tool's effectiveness in spotting potential risks, even when data entries are not an exact match to the sanctions list. Please note that due to the algorithm's intricacies, some matches might show a similarity score in the high 90s instead of 100%.

Your Partner in Compliance

At LexaScan, we are committed to supporting your efforts in maintaining compliance with global financial regulations. Our tool is a testament to our dedication to providing accessible and effective solutions for sanctions screening.