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Check names on major sanctions list to avoid dealing with sanctioned individuals or entities

About the Tool

LexaScan allows you to run searches against a consolidated list of major global sanctions lists: OFAC (United States), United Nations, European Union and HMT (United Kingdom). Every day our tool downloads the latest lists and transforms them into one consolidated list.

Registered users can also run bulk searches and take advantage of the periodic checking functionality. This helps our clients and their business reduce the chance of dealing with a sanctioned counterparty.

Sanctions listAs of date
US (OFAC NON SDN)2024-07-12
US (OFAC SDN)2024-07-12
UK (HMT)2024-07-12
LT (FNTT)2024-07-12
LV (FID)2024-07-12
PL (MSWIA)2024-07-12


Financial sanctions in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 were of unprecedented scale and quickly became relevant to wide a number of businesses and institutions. In light of these developments, we felt there was a need for a simple tool to screen against global sanctions lists.

LexaScan has evolved as a spin-off from a regulated cross-border payments company ArcaPay. Financial institutions have been actively using sanctions lists in their day to day activities for years, thus their internal processes are well-refined. This has enabled us to transform an internal time-tested tool into a public web-based application that benefits a much wider audience.

We invite everyone to use it and make sure that you do not deal with sanctioned entities or individuals.


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